One strategy does not fit all, and we at Kerr Financial Services understand that. Our focus is on providing real information and intelligent solutions based on what you need, not on what providers want to sell you. That philosophy alone is enough to set us apart from many other financial services professionals - but it gets better.


The Leg Work In order to serve your needs best, we have to do our homework. Laws and providers are frequently changing, so we do our due diligence. We research each company's product options, financials and ease of implementation to make sure they address the needs of you, your family and your business.

Following Through Any champion athlete will tell you - it’s all in the follow-through. We believe that the same is true in our profession. That’s why we always perform a 6-month follow-up phone call with all our clients to make sure you’re still satisfied with both your policy and premium. We also hold an annual review for each of our clients, performing updated research and comparing carriers and programs to make sure you’re still getting the best value for your money. If something needs changing, we’ll change it. That’s our job as your financial services professional.

Transparency and Teamwork A critical component of the trust we build with our clients is transparency. All parties involved deserve to know why we make our recommendations and how we are compensated. This is always disclosed to clients prior to financial placement. We also work with your legal and tax advisors to make sure your financial strategies are in step with the rest of your planning.

Neither Kerr Financial Services, nor its agents, provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.



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